“The Halted Clock” is now “song written.”

Don’t worry—same owner, same focus on songwriting as a creative process.

I’ve been thinking about this name change for months now, and finally decided that it had to be done—song written really captures the topic and the spirit of what I want this place to be in a way that The Halted Clock didn’t.

Consistently finishing songs is the toughest part of songwriting. Each song presents its own unique obstacles, whether those are related to equipment shortcomings, knowledge gaps, or resistance that the writer feels from within. The goal is always to finish the song.

Renaming the site “song written” ensures that I never forget that my job is to constantly find ways that we can hone our skills, grow more confident, and push through the neurotic creative blocks that all of us face from time to time. We write and rewrite and rewrite again, but the goal is always to finish.

I’ll miss the clock textures that used to live behind the banner up at the top of the page, but Gears will keep its sprockets. Speaking of Gears, I announced toward the end of last year that I’d be dissolving it and folding its articles into new tutorials and articles.


Just before New Year’s Eve, the page started attracting lots of links and traffic. Every day this month, a thousand or more StumbleUpon users have poured through the page and, despite the usual fast-and-furious nature of Stumblers, they’ve actually been sticking around, checking out the rest of the site, and subscribing. There’s more interest in the Gears idea than I expected—and just in time.

Since people seem to be getting value out of that section of the site, I’ll continue spending time and energy on it.

To the long-time readers: thanks for sticking with me as the site continues to evolve. I work hard to make the song more legible, attractive, and helpful.

Now let’s all get back to making 2012 a great year for song.

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    • Nicholas Tozier says

      Yes sir. It’s something altogether new and different. Aiming for EP length, about 5 songs. Other than that there’s not much I can report on, except to say that every day I’ve been steeling myself against the urge to flee. And succeeding for once.

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